Golf Story

A round of golf on a course created by one of the world’s leading golf course design firms, is bound to rank high on the list of any golfer. The name Nicklaus Design has long been associated with greatness of golf course design – and extends far beyond the man and his dominance as a legendary golfer. Today the name Nicklaus Design represents superior golf course design – the result of almost half a century experience in creating the most exceptional golf courses around the world.

In late 2018, after almost 5 years of intensive work, Jurmala Golf Club & Hotel opened its doors. Strategically located on 75 ha of land, between the capital city of Riga, and resort town of Jurmala, lies a spectacular 18-hole Jurmala golf course and equally meticulously planned 9-hole par-3 Academy golf course. This combination makes an interesting proposition for golfers of all skill levels.

No other design firm has produced more world-ranked or championship golf courses than Nicklaus Design, the industry leaders that have elevated the standards of golf course design since 1969.

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This picturesque course is a must for all golfing enthusiasts. Following the contours of the surrounding landscape with views across the course, natural water features, strategically placed signature Nicklaus bunkers with gleaming white sand, golden fescue grasses flowing in the breeze frame the fairways of the Jurmala Golf Course, leading you to finish in front of the spectacular clubhouse.

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Our 9-hole, Par 3 course has been specifically designed for beginners learning the game while still able to test the short game of more experienced golfers. Surrounded by mature fruit trees from the old orchard the Academy course has a new lease of life as golfers can now enjoy a relaxed leisurely game in these tranquil surroundings.


  • Hard spikes (metal spikes) are strictly forbidden on the golf course, training area and in the club house facilities. Only soft spikes are allowed.
  • The Club members are responsible for the behavior of their guests and compliance with all the rules and guidelines established by the Club.
  • Rule #1: Have fun and enjoy the play.
  • Before executing a golf swing, make sure that the player or group of players in front are at a safe distance. If after striking the ball there is even a theoretical chance that the ball could reach the group ahead, the player is required to shout “Fore”.
  • Each player must have his own golf equipment (clubs and bag) when on the golf course. Rental equipment is readily available at the Golf Pro Shop.
  • Systematic training on the golf course, which is directly or indirectly comparable to activities in the training area is not allowed on the golf course. The practice range and the practice putting greens should be used for all practice.
  • It is permissible for children under the age of 7 to be on the golf course only if they play or learn to play golf under the direct supervision of a golf club coach (pro).
  • Wellbeing and safety of children is one of our highest priorities. Please do not leave your children unattended. If there is a need, we will gladly try to assist you.
  • The maximum number of players on the course in a group should not exceed 4 players.
  • All golf course maintenance employees have right of way. Please do not hit towards them while they are working. Allow them to move to the side while you play through, and please make sure they have seen you before you hit your ball.
  • Golf cart (buggy) is the property of the Golf Club. They are intended for use exclusively on a golf course in strict accordance with the Terms of Use set by the Golf Club.
  • Guests cannot use the golf cart before check-in at the reception.
  • Golf carts can be operated by persons who are 16 years and older.
  • Arithmetic is very simple – no more than two people and two sets of clubs can be used by a single golf cart.
  • The golf director and the superintendant of the golf course can restrict usage of golf carts due to bad weather or agrotechnical activities.
  • In an event of inclement weather conditions it may be necessary to evacuate the golf course.
  • Pre-registration is required to participate in tournaments, and for most of them – payment. You can submit an application: by phone, by mail or at the club reception. Pay attention to the registration dates in the tournament calendar.
  • We have big plans for all registered participants for the competitions: flights are made, golf carts are prepared, the format of the tournament is determined. If you cannot come to the tournament, please warn us in advance.
  • While practicing, be mindful of players around you.
  • Please use and/or park golf carts only in designated places.
  • Do not use range balls for playing on the golf course.
  • Enter the practice facility from designated points of entry.
  • What does a golfer do when his opponent is preparing to deliver a decisive shot on the 18th hole? Listens to the silence. The moment of preparation of the player is as a sacred act – everything must be silent and stop.
  • Therefore, please be so kind and try to use your cellphone as little as possible on the golf course.
  • Observe the indications of the “Course closed” or “Hole closed” signs, road signs and markings. Please also follow any directional signage.
  • For gentlemen, recommended are trousers, classic cut shorts, tucked polo shirts, waterproof suits and golf shoes.
  • For ladies, trousers, shorts, skirts and dresses, shirts and polos with or without any sleeve length.
  • Do not forget about the right golf shoes.
  • And, of course, no one should see a golfer with a bare torso.